Barge Seaspan 813

My layout is called The Barge Job and has the particularity... of not yet having a barge. The idea would be to have a barge inspired by those that frequent the Fraser River, but adapted to the needs of my layout.

Status : Paperwork in progress , Expecting evaluation results

Estimated progress: 90%

After collecting inspiration (thanks Matthew Robson and Chris Medland), I made a cardboard prototype that followed me to a few exhibitions, to make my intention clear to the public.

My aim is not to reproduce a specific barge, but rather a mix of several. After all, the size of my layout determines the barge in question, and I’m obliged to compress things. Two photos of Seaspan 931 were my main inspiration:

The name of the barge is not defined until later. 813, instead of 931: that’s pretty close, and also a nod to a novel I like. :)

To meet the requirements of the Scene after prototype certificate, I resume the barge project at the beginning of November 2023. It is, as usual, modeled in 3D.


The structure is made of 3mm laser-cut plywood. I make all the cutting files, which I then send to my sister-in-law; she just had to launch her machine for the cutting with no changes, and put the plates in the mail :

Assembly is as simple as a few dots of glue. I 3D printed the bow and stern.

The whole thing is clad in 1 and 0.5mm plastic card :

Back view wit the plastic laid
All that’s left to do is connect everything up. The notch on the starboard side is for an accommodation ladder integrated into the hull. Later, I added the same ladder to the bow.
The rails are glued with cyano. The lag screws are represented by a drop of cyano.
At this stage, I know two things: it’s (forgive my French) a pain in the ass to do, and the result is by no means guaranteed.
The fittings are modeled in 3D, then printed on the Prusa Mini+.
Safety barriers are added next. They are high and strong enough to prevent a wagon from falling into the sea.
Work on details
The only commercially available parts are visible in this photo: the cyclone and the ladders. The cutaway ladder, previously made of copper wire, has been replaced by a photo-etched nickel silver ladder. This will not reduce the score for the scratch-built model, but will considerably improve it.
I really like the view of the rails extending over the barge.


Black priming
Tous les moyens sont bons pour ajouter de la rouille !
Application au pinceau, à l’éponge, lavis, projection de peinture...
Masquage pour les échelles de coupée
Les barres orange servent à amarrer les wagons.

The shell is painted with the Dark Grey base color.

Clearly visible lines, blemishes and bumps are created using AK Weathering pencils. The overall effect is enhanced with oil paint.


The markings are made with transparent decals, printed by myself. Don’t forget the back of the barge. Each decal is prepared and printed on paper for testing. The final version is then placed on a white surface, then integrated into the model with a coat of gloss varnish.

Les marquages sont mutualisés
Sur une même planche, ceux de la barge, les cabooses et les idlers.

Déclaration de qualification (SOQ)

Identification of scratch-built elements

  • The barge.

List of all commercial components present on the model

  • 6 ladders, taken from FKS Modellbau 160-112-20
  • 2 Wind Cyclone, taken from Cornerstone Roof Details, 933-3286
  • 3 glass beads (red, green, white)
  • Set of mini chains, Aber, R46

List of materials used in model construction

  • 3mm plywood
  • PLA Prusament filament
  • Evergreen
    • 1mm plate
    • 0.5mm plate
    • 0.25mm plate
    • Profile 4x1mm 147
    • Profile 2x1mm 144
    • Profile 0.38x2.5mm 115
    • Round 1.6mm 222
    • Rod and Tubes 217
  • Atlas rail code 55
  • Tamiya Ultrathin Cement
  • Glue Deluxe Rocket Rapid
  • Cyano21 Black
  • AK White putty Hard 103
  • polyester thread for embroidery
  • copper wire scraps 0.1mm
  • Vallejo
    • Black primer 74.602
    • Aged White 71.132
    • AMT-12 Dark Grey 71.308
    • Camouflage Pale Brown 71.035
    • Insignia white 71.279
    • Clear Orange 70.956
    • Red RLM23 71.003
    • White grey 70.993
    • Model Wash
      • Rust 76.506
      • Night grey 76.515
  • Paint AK
    • Natural steel AK11210
  • Green Stuff World Liquid Mask 1748
  • AK Weathering pencils
    • Black 10001
    • White 10004
    • Sepia 10010
    • Light Rust 10011
    • Dark Rust 10013
    • Strong ocher 10014
  • Vallejo Acrylic varnish
    • Gloss 28.530
    • Matt 28.531
  • Abteilung 502
    • Snow White 001
    • Brown wash 080
    • Earth 093